Storers_2.jpgWhat Can They Expect

When you come into fresh start fellowship you will feel Gods Grace Guidance, acceptance, and you will be ushered into a family atmosphere that will be full of love, compassion, caring, support, nonjudgmental and spirit lead by the Holy Spirit. To outreach into our community, you can also expect challenges, encouragement, stability, mercy, giving, healing and you can come in expecting miracles. Also to enlarge your vision by being part of the teams going overseas, or staying home and giving and praying for them when those that go and to hear the powerful testimonies of the changed lives when they come back.

What Is Our Mission?

The Mission is to be a lighthouse to the lost, to help develop strong leaders, feed the poor, and heal the sick. To build strong, caring, compassionate, loving, full of Jesus, leaders to reach into our communities, schools, government, neighborhoods, families and into the world sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

Address: 604 Northeast Main Street                                                                                       Simpsonville SC 29681                                                                                                                next to the Citgo gas station                                                                                                               

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