What Is Fresh Start Fellowship?

Fresh Start Fellowship is missionary-minded to reach not only our communities and neighborhoods for the Kingdom of God but to go into the world. Fresh Start is located in the Greenville SC County in A Great Community called Simpsonville. It is a safe place where people can come and find communities of loving individuals that lock their arms and hearts together to welcome you, and love you just where you are at in life. It is a church where you can get a fresh start; it is a lighthouse to help touch lives to help lift others up. It is a place of prayer, also people of all ages can come and learn skills that will help in their everyday lives. It is where people who want to develop and understand their leadership skills and be a part of the leadership team. It is an environment where people can grow strong, find direction, develop your passion and purpose, it is an environment to give you a sense of belonging. We also believe in devolving strong families and building strong relationships. We also partner with Coney and Lani Orosco which now live in Kenya Africa 6 months out of the year, the other 6 months they reside in Phoenix Az where they pastor. They are also a covering for us and spiritual food for our souls so we can continue in doing the will of God.

What Is Driving Dean For This Mission?

When I was a young man somebody reached out to me when I was lost and confused, I was messed up on drugs and alcohol for a long time. I didn’t think I could ever change my life for something better, I had no direction no purpose no meaning I was depressed because I didn’t think I could ever get out of the prison of my mind that I was in. So, when somebody reached out to me and shared how their life was changed by accepting Jesus Christ into their life, I gave my life to Jesus and when I did it changed my life for the better for the first time. Because of that, I knew many people like myself, and for the first time in my life I had direction, purpose and a real reason to live. So, I have a very strong desire to full fill our mission and to reach as many souls as we can while I am still on this planet and breathing for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

What Can They Expect?

When you come into fresh start fellowship you will feel Gods Grace Guidance, acceptance, and you will be ushered into a family atmosphere that will be full of love, compassion, caring, support, nonjudgmental and spirit lead by the Holy Spirit. To outreach into our community, you can also expect challenges, encouragement, stability, mercy, giving, healing and you can come in expecting miracles. Also to enlarge your vision by being part of the teams going overseas, or staying home and giving and praying for them when those that go and to hear the powerful testimonies of the changed lives when they come back.